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CMYK vs RGBWhich one is better? CMYK vs. RGB? Confused?? It is time for you to understand the differences and similarities between CMYK and RGB.  There will be no mistake in sending the file if you know the right type of color format for the web or printing. In fact, many graphic design reliable but is weak in the area of production so that the result of an unsatisfactory design.



How 3D Printing Works

How 3D Printing WorksThe sophistication of today’s technology makes something is impossible happen to be happen.   3D technology has been expanded into a variety of entertainment devices, from TVs to gaming devices. Development of three-dimensional technology is today’s latest 3D printer capable of printing in 3D format. Printing changing the way work was wasting lots of time, energy and cost become more effective.

3D printing can be said as a result of the development of useful technology is perfect for commercial or personal. You can present the work easily and making prototypes of a product, thereby reducing the cost of if have to prototype of the original material. But, the question is, how 3D printing works??


How To Choose The Right Paper For Media Promotions

How to choose the right paper for media promotionNot all types of paper can be used to print media promotions, whether flyers, brochures, business cards or invitations. Errors in the elections for the paper for the print media campaign resulted not optimal even tend to bad. Media promotions can be said represent the image of the company although its function to promote the product and services.

For example, the selection of paper for business cards. Business card is the identity of the owner, whether personal or corporate. Of course, you do not want your business or personal card just as style that will damage, torn and discarded. Selection of the right paper can be lifted your image as a person, worker or business owner.


How to Build Your Success With Digital Printing Business

Build your success with digital printing businessWant to promote your services or products your company? Various ways of promotion, ranging from flyers, brochures, business cards an ideal choice most companies. In the modern era of the all-present, all can be run to establish and grow the business. Digital printing business is a business that is now flourishing because of the high demand and consumer needs.

Digital business plan at various stages is very important to determine what to do. Considering the digital printing business takes most people today, you can easily promote your business printing to a variety of targets, ranging from low, middle to upper class. Grab


How To Maintain The Offset Printing Machine

How to do the maintenance on offset printingUpset when your printing machine is broken when consumers need fast? Your customers switching to other companies printing while printing machine broken? It seems this has been often occurred in many printing companies. Sometimes several printing companies think that buying the best printing machines with high prices can be used as much as possible as the laborers, who are employed without a break.

Maybe not some printing companies, but most companies are pursuing printing sales targets and deadline. Machinery is an important investment for the printing company and especially offset printing used to print more than 4000 pieces in an hour. Many offset printing machines of different countries, ranging from China, Germany, India and others, not ease of operation and maintenance.


Digital vs Offset Printing

Digital vs Offset PrintingDigital or Offset Printing?? which you choose? How to choose? Consumers only know want to make business cards, invitations, flyers, brochures without knowing the details of the print quality or paper type. Complain when the invitation does not match what you expect?

Whether your business card does not look elegant and exclusive, the banner companies are not long lasting? It’s time for you to know the kind of printing that suits your needs and desires. Basically, Digital and Offset printing is the same, but there are some things that set it apart. This is the time to find a reliable and professional printing company for the best results.


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