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What to do to Avoid Common SEO Mistakes?

Not a few website owners get websites penalized or removed from Google because mistakes in SEO techniques. Google is constantly updated policies lead to lower ratings as well as several sites online business. Google made a significant change and the largest update in recent years, namely Google panda and Google penguin. Google steps in making a change is unlikely to stop on both up update (Google Panda and Google Penguin), but it will come many more major changes that could shake the SEO world.

These are some guidelines on SEO that your website needs to be avoided in order to be free from punishment or deleted by Google:


Ads may be one way of marketing online right target. In fact, excessive advertising on the website is one of the SEO techniques that should be avoided. Advertising on the site is expected to be optimized, have keywords that are relevant to the products on offer as well as delivered detailed information. The solution is better limit advertisement and focus on content as a theme of posting, because is a theme of update Google lately.


Website owners or freelance writer repeated mistakes SEO techniques of this one namely duplicate content. Lots of information once duplicate content and Google detected then threatened down the ranking of your site. Content requires keywords and words that are relevant to the information to be conveyed.

A regulation in making the content was already readily available, ranging from the determination of density up to a content word count. The solution is prepare, write original content or if you cannot write, use the services of freelance writers are really qualified and able to produce original content.

Link Building

Assumption the more links a site to increase rankings quickly is a big mistake. Without realizing it, many low-quality directory sites which can lower your site’s ranking. Most SEO services do not pay attention to the details of directory sites that truly qualified to lead one’s site ranking slumped. The solution is to build a relationship with the client relationship or to deploy your website and exchange links are clearly more meaningful than using unqualified link building.


Optimization is an essential step in SEO techniques with build all the link using keywords as well as include it in sites with the hope get the site will be found in the first page the search engine. Most website owners use the same keywords over and over again in all places at the site finally gone unnoticed related sites from search engines. It was old techniques SEO that no longer work after numerous updates from Google. The best solution is to build your company’s link with keywords using “click here” to be able to connect all of the information on your site.


Changes In The SEO World – Update Google Panda and Penguin

Changes In The SEO World – Update Google Panda and PenguinReady when your website or blog ranking in search engines fall or even disappear from circulation SERP (Search Engine Results Page)? Confusion hit the web and blog owners as website ranking drop sharply and become a major topic in the SEO world.

Competitive world of SEO with the goal of improving web ranking or blog to update them on the basis of Google’s search engine algorithm to produce a higher quality. Any policy changes affect the popularity of Google’s services, ranking and indexing sites.


SEO vs Social Media – Which One Is Better?

SEO vs Social Media – Which One Is Better?

It was common knowledge if the use of SEO and social media into the most vital thing to get visitors on your website. It takes precision and accuracy to choose how to be prioritized for the best results, adjusted to the content of your web page or blog. SEO vs Social Media? Which one is better?

Search Engine Optimization Improve Your Website Rank

Search Engine Optimization Improve Your Website RankDo you still think if a website or blog that the first search engine rankings are a dream? Most people think it is hard to do, as the competition on the internet with the look and layout of the website. Search engine optimization is the answer and solution to help your website or blog appearing on the main page of the search engines.


How To Make Your Website Attractive

How To Make Your Website AttractiveWhen you open a web page will be appear display design, whether simple or difficult to understand as the website owner character description. Keep in mind that building a website is to attract more visitors that website layout should be user friendly.

The easier access to your website visitors, comfortable while reading, loading is not long, it is expected that visitors will increase.  Design is essential for a website and content is king for visitors to make your website more attractive and keep going into the top rankings of search engines.


How Social Media Can Raise Website Traffic

How Social Media Can Raise Traffic WebsiteWho does not know the social media (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and others)? The function of social media is the social communication network via the Internet freely accessible without charge. Everyone can express themselves, post pictures or videos. Users of social network around the world have reached a fantastic figure, as many as 940 million users, or about 73% of internet users are part of the social media.

Based on the survey, at least one person has one social media account. In fact, social media is not just as a place express individual or looking for information, but rather to marketing strategy. Visitors who come from social traffic greatly influence page rank in search engines. Backlinks are created on social media is a quality backlink for being able to bring in visitors that are the target of the website. No need to worry anymore because everyone can increase website traffic free.


How To Create a Successful Website

How To Create a Successful WebsiteWebsite become the fastest way to deliver information especially the information about the company profile. Through many trials and errors, you can find the best solution for your website. Lack of information search engine optimization becomes your website slow development. Building a site is not just to make it, but it requires planning in accordance with the concept you want.

Successful websites so it can occupy top rankings in search engines can be said to bring the maximum benefit of your company. Many business people say want to create a great website but do not know the process which needs to be done.


How To Choose Web Design

How to choose web designNo matter the basic platform used to build websites, website templates can help you create a website without requiring the skill, time and budget.  Many free web design templates and certainly confusing to decide the right design for your website. When considering the different website templates, it’s time to determine the direction and purpose of website creation. With planning and goal in mind, you can navigate the web design template easily.


Web Browser and Its Development

Web Browser and Its DevelopmentInternet users must recognize internet explorer, Mozilla, google chrome browser as a web application known among lovers of cyberspace. We will discuss the web browser, and its development is currently a trend among the world.

The birth of World Wide Web and the first WWW browser

Browser or known as  internet explorer web browser is software that functions to search, retrieve and present web pages. Sources of information that we want to be identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that information into a web page typically consists of pictures, videos and other parts contained on the destination Web page content. Eventually, hyperlink presents and allows Internet users to navigate browsers to related web pages with ease.


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